Partial Hospitalization

Intensive Evaluation, Diagnosis and Mental Health Treatment

When your child needs mental health treatment, Belmont Pines Hospital offers a Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment Program to provide support and structure for children and adolescents aged 5-18.

Families can find the program helpful when a child’s or teen’s behavioral issues are too difficult to manage in a routine counseling session. This program can help with the transition from inpatient to outpatient treatment making a smooth return to home and school environments and minimizing the need for future hospitalizations.

Our Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment Program offers intensive evaluation, diagnosis and mental health treatment for many different mental health disorders. School-age children and adolescents are treated in separate age groups by professionals who specialize in trauma-informed care. Families are encouraged to work with their child’s school to obtain homework.

Certified teachers can help patients complete schoolwork while participating in treatment. Our goal is to provide structured treatment in a less-restrictive environment so that youth can improve functioning and their quality of life.

Partial Hospitalization Day Treatment Program activities include:

  • Types of therapy, including therapeutic groups, individual and family therapy led by licensed practitioners
  • Self-esteem building and team-building activities
  • Problem solving and coping strategies
  • Medical services by a child psychiatrist and registered nurse

The multidisciplinary treatment team consists of licensed therapists, bachelor group specialists, registered nurses, qualified mental health specialists and a child psychiatrist. The team keeps track of the patient’s progress, determines the length-of-stay and recommends an appropriate aftercare plan. The psychiatrist supervises treatment that may include medication management if necessary. Our goal is to ensure high-quality services by coordinating treatment with the family and community professionals.

Program Schedule Monday – Friday
Ages 5-18 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

How a partial hospitalization program can help kids

The mental health needs of children differ greatly from those of adults and even adolescents. That’s why it is important to have a team of mental health professionals who understand the way that children process information and develop.

A child partial hospitalization program consists of evidence-based treatment and therapies designed for children in a comforting, compassionate environment.

As an outpatient day-treatment program, a child PHP can provide mental health care to your loved one while also enabling them to return home afterward to spend time with the family.

How a partial hospitalization program can help teens

Adolescent partial hospitalization can help teens struggling with many types of mental health issues. By taking place throughout the day, this service encourages teens to practice skills they learned during treatment in their home environment after treatment, and helps them focus on maintaining schoolwork.

This treatment option is ideal for those who are struggling with mental health issues but do not require an inpatient stay at a treatment facility, or those who are stepping down from residential care, as remaining connected to treatment can often prevent relapsing.

Medication Management

Belmont Pines Hospital offers day treatment, partial hospitalization and medication management to help children meet their behavioral health goals. Our services are staffed with psychiatrists, licensed therapists and clinical counselors. Extended hours can help families maintain appointments and can enhance the success of treatment. Medication Management Psychiatrists and Certified Nurse Practitioners offer evaluations and medication management. New clients who need an evaluation can be referred by their doctor’s office or therapist or they may call independently to schedule an appointment. Psychiatrists, licensed therapists and clinical counselors are available to assist families in need, and our admissions team can answer any questions you may have.